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From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Sun Dec 14 2003 - 14:57:53 CST


> I thought write-ins were a factor for the US Senate race in Missouri in

[the late Carnahan] 50.5 %, Ashcroft, 48.4 %

This accounts for all but 1.1 % of the votes. The margin of victory was 2.1
%. I don't see how write-ins or any other candidates were significant
players in this contest.

More specifically, in this context, when I say write-ins are almost never a
factor, I mean especially specific write-in candidates (although it's rare
for the total write-ins to amount to more than one-tenth of one percent).
When election results are published, they ordinarily just list the
percentage (if any) like "write-in candidates .1 %" We don't see write-in
names published (not in CA ... maybe different in other states).

In CA the 2000 General election results show that Hagelin had 10,934 votes
or 0.0 % of the votes. Write-ins did not register that much.

Browsing the 2000 results, I can't find any write-ins at all. Can anyone
show me a contest where write-ins got as much as one-tenth of one percent in
2000? Can anyone show me a contest where one particular write-in got as
much as one-tenth of one percent?

Alan D.
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