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At 4:33 PM -0800 12/12/03, Popkin, Laird (WMG Corp) wrote:
>OK, I'll take a shot at it...
>The same thing that happens if the paper jams in any printer; the
>staff at the polling booth would be trained to clear paper jams, and
>if they are unable to do so they could either swap in a replacement
>printer or close the voting booth. In any case, the voter could
>re-enter his or her vote and print a new ballot, which would then be
>The OVC system will eliminate repeat votes by a single voter, so
>even if the jammed ballot is later accidentally counted, it will not
>affect the vote totals.

If the voter prints two ballots on the same PC, they will have
different serial numbers, because we can't distinguish that from two
different voters.

If the voter prints two ballots on different PCs, they will have
different PC numbers, which we also can't distinguish from two
different voters.

The check is to ensure that only one of these ballots is physically
entered in the ballot box. How do we ensure that two ballots are not
placed in one folder and entered at the same time into the ballot box?



>The system will allow a poll worker to record the jammed ballot as
>"spoiled" so that the total counts (number of ballots printed, minus
>spoiled ballots) match the number of votes counted.
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>"What if the paper jams?"

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