Re: Critical analysis of VoteHere

From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Sat Dec 13 2003 - 14:56:29 CST

> If you really really want the active audit thing, here's another idea to
> add. I said that it would be easy to create an authentic looking
> counterfeit ballot. But what if you could produce one at the polling
Thinking more about this ..... I like this idea so much I think I want to
add it to the proposed OVC system.

Let's say it's like this:

The voter prints only their own single ballot in the voting booth (no copy).
After the polls close the ballot reconciliation procedure is run and the
files are transmitted to the county HQ electronically. The paper ballots
are sealed in a box and securely removed in preparation for transfer. At
this point (maybe 15 - 20 minutes after the polls close), all of the voting
machines get copies of all of the ballot images (xml files). Anyone can
then go into the voting booth and browse all of the ballot images and print
which ever one(s) they want. If they've made a note of their own ballot
they can print a copy of that and/or they could print others.

The county will post the xml files on the Internet so you can go home and
see a copy of your ballot there. But you could also have a paper copy of
another ballot if you feel you need one to fake out a potential coercer.

What do you think of this proposal?

Alan D.
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