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From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Sat Dec 13 2003 - 14:01:17 CST

> It could also be a problem with employers. This could be countered
> with stiffer penalties for vote coersion, but this might not be adequate.
> Suppose you work for Wade's Chicken Manure and Wade calls you into a
> and says, "You'd better vote no on Measure C or else! I know you can
> your vote and I want to see it." Stiff vote coersion penalties might mean
> that you could put Wade out of business, but if you are struggling to get
> and Wade is also struggling to get by, the only consequence might be that
> both you and Wade are left with no money and no income if you blow the
> whistle on Wade.
> We could easily add (or re-add) vote proving capabilities to the OVC
> As I concluded almost three years ago, I am still convinced that this is
> something we should try to sell right now. It's not worth getting mired
> that controversy -- the features we are advancing are more important We
> can leave open the possibility, and could always add "active audit" (I
> that's what Arnie calls it) if adequate safeguards against coersion exist
> the election code and in society in general.
To add a little to what I've said here.... If we do decide to try to "active
audit" personal vote proving capabilities to the system, I have thought
about how it might be done.

Let's say we give the voter a copy of the ballot when they vote (There is no
danger of it getting counted twice because it would be an exact duplicate
that would be certainly detected). Now suppose that the voter could easily
produce a counterfeit ballot (at home, at the office, wherever) whose lack
of authenticity could not be detected by Wade or anyone else looking at the
ballot. The voting system easily recognizes the difference between
couterfeits and authentic ballots due to redundant checks so there is no
danger posed by counterfeits floating around. So Wade could demand to see a
copy of your ballot, but he would also know that it could be counterfeit and
he would have no way of knowing that it was not counterfeit. Wade would be
deterred from demanded to see your vote because he knows you can always fake
him out.

Alan D.
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