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The 'history' page looks like it has a lot of the right info, but an 'about
us' would be much more powerful in terms of showing off the credibility of
the team. Perhaps someone could crawl through it and mock up such a page?

In terms of the membership containing vendors, I believe that it adds
credibility (because there are real companies in the business of providing
systems and support), so long as there are more "users" than "vendors".

- LP

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RE: [voting-project] FAQ # 8Laird,

> One of OVC's real strengths is the quality of the people it's attracting.
> Could we perhaps put a list of project members with bio's up on the
> web site somewhere? I know I'd love to read it. :-)

Right now you can look at our History page and find links to information
about quite a few people that are involved in the OVC project. Not all
these people will show up on the voting-project list. I doubt seriously
that Roy Saltman will be posting to the list, for example. But he will
likely be a director. Likewise with Henry Brady.

One of the fairly urgent tasks is to create an About Us page.

I like the style of the page did for their directors

Saltman's Dec 5 2001 letter says a lot about him as well as our project (not
known as OVC back then, but basically the same idea).

Here's an interesting page that tells some of Henry Brady's story. For a
while, the recent recall election here in CA was set to be postponed.
Brady's statement was the basis of the ruling to postpone (overturned in a
week or two IIRC)

I count 16 directors on the opengis page. I doubt we will have (or even
want to have) that many very soon. But I could see have 8 - 10 directors
fairly soon and bringing in new ones over time. We'll want to include some
elections people. And, maybe a politician or two. I'm not sure about
industry people -- this might look like a conflict of interest but I note
that OpenGIS has lots of industry people. We have to get at least a rough
draft of the Bylaws done before we can invite a bunch of directors.

Maybe our About Us page would list the directors followed by 30 or so other
participants. What do you think? If people here like this idea, I suggest
everyone prepare a short bio and pass that along with a suitable picture.

Alan D.

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