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Date: Wed Dec 10 2003 - 14:18:45 CST

One of OVC's real strengths is the quality of the people it's attracting.
Could we perhaps put a list of project members with bio's up on the web site
somewhere? I know I'd love to read it. :-)

- LP

> Fortunately, the OVC project has on board most of the top voting system
> experts. Read Roy Saltman, Henry Brady, Doug Jones, and David Jefferson.
> Arnie Urken is another known expert and has testified as an expert witness
> in contested elections.
> I am a newcomer in the election technology world but my work speaks for
> itself. David Dill is also a newcomer whose work speaks for itself.
> all the Caltech/MIT people are newcomers, although Ansolabehere studied
> of this before 2000 (Ansolabehere was a student of Henry Brady when Henry
> taught at Harvard, btw).
> Mercuri and Neumann are in the 99.999 percent agreement category but just
> can't get over the .001 percent level of disagreement. In any case, they
> lack the technology transfer mechanism of the OVC. Avi Rubin is one of
> top experts too but he may be a little too close to -- a
> for-profit promoting some proprietary technology.
> --Alan D.

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