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From: Edward Cherlin <edward_dot_cherlin_at_etssg_dot_com>
Date: Wed Dec 10 2003 - 10:21:08 CST

On Friday 05 December 2003 12:07 pm, Alan Dechert wrote:
> RE: [voting-project] FAQ Process"Who is the audience for the
> demo?"
> Generally speaking, the intended audience is THE PEOPLE. We
> intend to reach the people through the news media. So, we
> will try to have as many media people there as possible. We
> anticipate some writers for print and Internet news outlets,
> but it would be nice to have some television coverage.
> People actually attending in the room where the demo takes
> place will include some elections officials. We will make a
> strong effort to make sure that people from the Secretary of
> State's office attend, as well as getting some county
> officials there.

How about somebody from the international observer organizations?
How about some foreign consular people from San Francisco?
Peace activists? Anybody know a good reggae get-out-and-vote

> As the URL for our online demo gets published in more places
> (and the OVC site generally), people all the world can see out
> about what we are demonstrating.
> Alan D.

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