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From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Wed Dec 10 2003 - 09:03:16 CST

I'm also working on making one available at UCSC, but it's hard with
me on travel and the time difference to California from France.

Best regards,

At 7:11 PM -0500 12/9/03, Popkin, Laird (WMG Corp) wrote:
>I've got the FAQ system running (see
>I've put the first batch of questions and answers into it so that we
>can look at it and decide if it's what we want.
>On the Wiki front, the limitations imposed by the ISP (they're very
>locked down) are making it difficult to run a Wiki. I've kinda got
>UseModWiki running (see
>but it seems pretty flaky -- when you edit a page there's an odd
>error and you have to hit reload to post the change to get it to be
>accepted. So people who haven't seen a Wiki before can look at that
>one to see if they like the general idea, and I'll see if I can
>stabilize it or find another Wiki that runs more reliably on our
>- LP
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>PHP runs fine on Windows servers. I have a test site with another provider,
>and I can freely intermix ASP and PHP pages. Also, I run a
>Windows 2000 Server at home, and downloading and installing PHP
>was a piece of cake, and it works as advertised. I get identical
>results at home
>as I do at my test site. That fact doesn't seem to make any
>difference to the folks
>hosting our site.
>$8 per month may be a little too cheap. Not having to deal with
>phone menus, hold-times, and stuff that doesn't work (PHP isn't the
>only thing) is
>well worth the extra $4.50 per month I pay.
>At 03:58 PM 12/4/2003 -0500, Popkin, Laird (WMG Corp) wrote:
>>The error so far is pretty trivial -- the PHP is running into
>>permissions problems attempting to write to the filesystem. The
>>ISP's claim is that "on a Linux server this is easy to fix; can you
>>move?" Apparently their tools for managing the Windows servers are
>>extremely limited (what do you want for $8 a month?). I know this
>>sounds a bit odd, but I've spent an hour or so on the phone with
>>them and gotten nowhere.
>>- LP

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