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From: Edward Cherlin <edward_dot_cherlin_at_etssg_dot_com>
Date: Wed Dec 10 2003 - 01:39:22 CST

On Tuesday 02 December 2003 11:39 am, Paul Kostick Jr. wrote:
> Gene,
> I have been envolved in the design of embedded devices for
> sometime. I have purchased 10's of thousands of embedded O.S.
> Licenses.

I think some others here work in embedded systems. I used to work
for LynuxWorks, and I now sell embedded system boards for Encore

> Voting is a simple process.

Voting without visual or auditory feedback is a complex and
error-prone process. Telephone voice menu systems make it much
more complicated and time-consuming for the user. Securing and
verifying votes is vastly more complicated than recording votes.

> Each election a complete guide is
> mailed to each voter.
> A simple alpha numeric encryption with each voters guide code
> be used to enable the touchpad on the telephone to be the
> voters booth of the future. only the voter would know his or
> her pin. And security would not be an issue.

No way. You can't solve the key distribution problem in paper
mail. Your proposal opens up the possibility of intercepting
ballot pamphlets in the post office or the mailbox and stealing

The phone vote is a solution to a problem we are not addressing.
We have to produce a HAVA-compliant system (looking like a DRE
and capable of being used as a DRE) which is at the same time a
voter-verified voting system (printing the legal ballot on one
system, and reading it back to the voter on another).

> Printing an additional 4 Billion Dollars in FIAT currency will
> definitely help our economy and these devices will become
> obsolete within two years or 4 to 5 uses.

We cannot rewrite the law by ourselves to permit even lower cost
solutions. We have to provide the most economical solution to
the given problem.

> The telephone can be used long into the future and it is even
> possible to incorporarate voice recognition security against
> fraud and voice activated voting so even the keypad would be
> unnecessary.

When voice systems can cope with a Texas drawl and a Chinese
accent from a single person, I'll be willing to talk about it. I
have heard this combination here in California. I have also
heard combined Korean-Oxford, and have been told of Korean-Irish
(from a Catholic mission school in Korea). Much stranger cases

The BBC puts out a recording to train actors in the various
dialects of the British Isles and another for the foreign
accents most commonly heard in Britain. Let me give you two
samples from different counties: "Tha' bain't nar cuck-oo, tha'
bay pigeon." "Ee, bah goom, lahd, gerrit doonyer."

> Think of the energy savings ALONE !

Piddling, for systems used twice a year. We're trying to save
serious purchase money and the integrity of the voting process.

> pk

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