Wiki, posting format, attachments (administravia)

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Tue Dec 09 2003 - 20:36:50 CST

|On the Wiki front, the limitations imposed by the ISP (they're very locked
|down) are making it difficult to run a Wiki. I've kinda got UseModWiki
|running (see

Thanks to Laird for setting this up. It is indeed flaky in the way he
describes (you need to reload once or more to get past a perl error, but
then it seems to "take").

I uploaded the Security Issues outline that Amit wrote (with
contributions from Clay and I) to the Wiki (with minimal formatting
changes to match the Wiki format). I -think- Amit's version is the
latest, but if anyone has something newer... well, it *is* a Wiki. Even
if we switch to a less flaky Wiki, we should be able to copy over the

Couple other points:

* Several posters, lately, have started posting HTML rather than plain
  ASCII to this list. In turn, I think some other people's mailers
  automatically respond as HTML (at least as configured). This is a BAD
  THING. At the very least, it makes it hard for people like me who use
  text-mode mail/news clients to read posts. But I think it is also
  likely to cause problems with the list archive (however, I confess
  that the archive software has done a surprisingly good job of handling
  it in the cases I checked).

  Please send messages to this list as plain old ASCII (MIME type:

* Related to the other point, though it hasn't come up lately: Please
  avoid sending any large (or really ANY) attachments directly to the
  list. Any supporting documents or executables we might produce are
  best uploaded to one of the sites associated with the project,,, (CVS,
  docmanager, etc), and so on.

  If someone doesn't have the needed permissions to upload supporting
  files, let me or one of the other administrative folks know, and we'll
  work it out. For posts to the list, just use the URL for the relevant
  resource (e.g."I have updated")

Yours, David...
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