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I've got the FAQ system running (see
<> ). I've put the first batch of questions
and answers into it so that we can look at it and decide if it's what we
On the Wiki front, the limitations imposed by the ISP (they're very locked
down) are making it difficult to run a Wiki. I've kinda got UseModWiki
running (see
<> ) but it seems pretty flaky -- when
you edit a page there's an odd error and you have to hit reload to post the
change to get it to be accepted. So people who haven't seen a Wiki before
can look at that one to see if they like the general idea, and I'll see if I
can stabilize it or find another Wiki that runs more reliably on our server.
- LP

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PHP runs fine on Windows servers. I have a test site with another provider,

and I can freely intermix ASP and PHP pages. Also, I run a
Windows 2000 Server at home, and downloading and installing PHP
was a piece of cake, and it works as advertised. I get identical results at
as I do at my test site. That fact doesn't seem to make any difference to
the folks
hosting our site.
$8 per month may be a little too cheap. Not having to deal with
phone menus, hold-times, and stuff that doesn't work (PHP isn't the only
thing) is
well worth the extra $4.50 per month I pay.

At 03:58 PM 12/4/2003 -0500, Popkin, Laird (WMG Corp) wrote:

The error so far is pretty trivial -- the PHP is running into permissions
problems attempting to write to the filesystem. The ISP's claim is that "on
a Linux server this is easy to fix; can you move?" Apparently their tools
for managing the Windows servers are extremely limited (what do you want for
$8 a month?). I know this sounds a bit odd, but I've spent an hour or so on
the phone with them and gotten nowhere.


- LP


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