Re: Important Voting System Report

From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Fri Dec 05 2003 - 17:47:12 CST


> ....... This material is shallow, but still extremely useful, particularly
> as an introduction to how DRE voting systems work.
I agree. Especially with the "shallow" part. Example:

pg 106

     Requirement 3.41
     The Tally software shall not
     allow modification of the vote

     Test Scenario
     Try to modify the vote tally in the UES
     software using a tool such as MS Excel
     or MS Access.

     Test Results
     The Tally software stores data in a
     set of ISAM file structures. These
     data structures are not ODBC
     compliant and could not be
     accessed from MS Excel.

Um, what about another tool? For example, something that is neither MS
Access nor MS Excel?

Alan D.
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