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The error so far is pretty trivial -- the PHP is running into permissions
problems attempting to write to the filesystem. The ISP's claim is that "on
a Linux server this is easy to fix; can you move?" Apparently their tools
for managing the Windows servers are extremely limited (what do you want for
$8 a month?). I know this sounds a bit odd, but I've spent an hour or so on
the phone with them and gotten nowhere. I'm also raising this issue because
pretty much every open source web server software tool assumes a Linux/UNIX
server environment, while Windows support is a bit iffy, so if we run on a
Linux server that'll make our lives a little easier in the future, and
moving now is probably easier than moving later.

If the answer is that we want to stay on the Windows server, I can probably
work through whatever the issues are. I'm just being lazy and asking whether
we can move to Linux first, because it looks like that'd be easier.

Or we could run the site on two different servers, with cross-linking. If
we're using a lot of ASP's, that might be the easiest answer.

- LP
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PLWC> I've been talking with the ISP about the server (having some
PLWC> trouble getting a FAQ system working), and it turns out that
PLWC> it's on a Windows server so that it can run ASP's. Are we
PLWC> actually using any ASP's on the site? If not, we can swap to a
PLWC> Linux server (where it's was easier to get server software to
PLWC> run) and save $1 a month (they charge less for Linux than
PLWC> Windows servers).

PLWC> If we need to stay on Windows (it looks like there's an Access
PLWC> database and some ASP pages), I'll try to work out what's
PLWC> breaking the FAQ system when it's running on Windows. But I
PLWC> haven't run any web sites on Windows in a very long time (it
PLWC> hurt when I did it, so I stopped), so I can't predict how it'll
PLWC> work out.

PLWC> Thoughts?

What kind of errors raises PHP on this FAQ system?
Maybe I can help you, I have enough experience on PHP programming.

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