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The difference (having run both) is:

A Wiki is a simple, free-form digital notebook where each page is on a
topic, and anyone can edit any topic and add links to other topics. This
makes them great for collecting unstructured information on a topic. Wiki's
provide versioning history, etc., so that if someone comes along and deletes
everything or posts "spam" it's easy to roll back to the last good version.
For some reason that doesn't happen very often, though. The wiki system is
very free-form -- what structure it provides is social. I've successfully
used Wiki's as an internal tool at several companies to collect information
on various topics for reference, and it could be a good tool for us to use
to collect information on voting.

Here's the first Wiki: And here's the Wikipedia page
on voting: that seems relevant.

A FAQ system is much more specialized. It provides a hierarchy of questions
and answers, with a structure enforced by the system, and lots of mechanics
specific to FAQ's (e.g. "most popular questions").

Here's a sample FAQ system:

Here's a proposal: Since both are easy to set up, if I can get things
smoothed out with the ISP, I'll set up a Wiki as well as a FAQ system, then
we can look at both and decide which we want to use for what.

- LP

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It probably won't be until this weekend before I can put together the
basic skeleton faq.

A wiki sounds look it would be good, but I've a) never used one b) never
set one up.

So for the moment, I'm going to have to rely on e-mail and cut-and-paste.

As editor I'll probably need some means to distinguish faq submissions
from normal e-mail, probably some subject line convention, like [OV-FAQ]
anywhere in the subject.


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