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Cool. Nice structure!

I'm digging into web-based FAQ engines, trying to see which one will play
nicely with OVC's ISP's requirements. I started out with FAQ-O-Matic, which
I've used before, but its install requires command line access that we don't
have, so now I'm working on getting PHPMyFAQ running to see how we like it.
Of course, this is still in the "noodling around" stage. If anyone can
recommend any other FAQ engine, I'm all ears. My thought is that we want a
FAQ system that's database drive, has moderation abilities (so we can assign
control of what's in the FAQ), and is somewhat community driven (i.e. anyone
can submit questions).

- LP
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On Tue, 2 Dec 2003, Popkin, Laird (WMG Corp) wrote:

> I am working with others on the list to develop the FAQ. I will be
> questions to the list. The FAQ team will process the answers, organize
> them, and get them posted to the OVC web site. We have over 50 questions
> sofar. I will post them one at a time -- maybe 5 or so per day.
> Karl Auerbach will be editorial chief. We need other people to help with
> the document. We need your input and the document will require on-going
> maintenance. If you are interested in helping with the FAQ, please let us
> know.

Wow, I got elevated fast. ;-)

OK, Alan has sent me various questions. Can I assume that you all have
them too?

My thought was to build the FAQ in sections, each subsection having
several question/answer pairs, and using HTML as the underlying formatting

I figured either one large file or one "master" file and then subsidiary
files, one per section.

I mentally have the following thoughts as to the sections:

I. Overview - what is this whole thing about. This would include
questions/answers about why this is different than DREs, what "voter
verified" means, etc.

II. Terminology - there are a lot of overloaded words that we need to pin
down: ballot, contest, vote counting methods, etc.

III. Scenerios - walk the readers through samples of how they would
actually use this system in the role of a voter, in the role of a poll
worker, in the role of a counting center worker, in the role of a poll
monitor, ... the point of view of a county voting administrator (we want
to make sure that these folks, in particularl, understand this system. ;-)

IV. The physical components - the station in which the voter creates the
paper ballot, the ballot reader, the voting box, the tabulation equipment

V. Disabled access - how this system helps those with impairments to vote.

VI. The ballot - describe the paper ballot, what's on it and why, etc.

VII. Implementation - all the parts.

VIII. The demonstration - what the demo is, how it relates to "real life".

IX. Economics - how much such a system will cost to operate, life cycle
costs, can it be maintained?, how can it evolve...


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