Nevada e-voting public forum

From: Lou Montulli <lou_at_montulli_dot_org>
Date: Tue Dec 02 2003 - 21:37:09 CST

This Thursday night there is going to be "a public forum on issues
surrounding the use of touch-screen voting machines" in the state of
Nevada. The big issue of debate is whether to require printers when
purchasing new touch screen voting machines.

I plan on attending and strongly supporting a printing requirement as
well as letting state law makers know that a more secure and transparent
system is in development at OVC. I would like suggestions from the
list members on how to best support the printing requirement argument.
In fact, we should really put together another FAQ for people who wish
to publicly support the principals behind the OVC voting methods. I'm
not a great author, but I will try and gather the responses from this
message and form them into a rough draft FAQ and then hopefully someone
more qualified can step in to clean it up and maintain it.

Some FYI's from a recent article in the news paper:
  Venders are claiming the machines are "unhackable" (Sequoia Voting
Systems is one of the vendors)
   Some are claiming that printers are unreliable and will "gum up" the
voting process with paper jams.

Lou Montulli
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