Re: Touch screens and wxPython

From: Douglas W. Jones <jones_at_cs_dot_uiowa_dot_edu>
Date: Tue Dec 02 2003 - 21:13:14 CST

On Dec 2, 2003, at 7:39 PM, Karl Auerbach wrote:

>> Resolution is another problem. Fingers are blunt...
> OK, how about making all buttons 4cm x 3cm with at least 3m dead space
> on
> all sides except those sides that about the screen's top/bottom/edge?

> That kind of spacing can consume screen real-estate fairly quickly.

Imagine the recent California recall election, with 130-odd candidates
on the ballot, in random order. Real-estate is precious. The great
butterfly ballot of 2000 in Florida was the result of a real-estate
problem caused by only 11 options in a race, where (aside from
all were candidate/running-mate pairs.

With decent feedback, smaller targets work. The key lies in how you
signal that a selection has been made, and in how natural it is to
change your selection. There is room for experiment, and we should't
pin our hopes on an alternative selected only with hot air. That is,
we've got to get down and dirty empirical to justify the solution we
eventually pick. We either do our own experiments (properly) or we
rely on someone else's (competnetly done) experiments.

                                Doug Jones
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