Re: Touch screens and wxPython

From: Gene Mosher <gene_at_viewtouch_dot_com>
Date: Tue Dec 02 2003 - 14:43:06 CST

Paul Kostick Jr. wrote:

>I have been envolved in the design of embedded devices for sometime. I have
>purchased 10's of thousands of embedded O.S. Licenses.
Well, I can certainly respect that.

>Voting is a simple process.
Should be, perhaps. That can only be a subjective assertion, however,
and that only when made in some kind of context. Those 16,000 people in
heavily Jewish Palm Beach who mistakenly voted for Pat Buchanan never
could have dreamed that they were, all by themselves, depriving Gore of
the state's electoral votes and the office of the POTUS.

>Each election a complete guide is mailed to each voter.
>A simple alpha numeric encryption with each voters guide code be used to
>enable the touchpad on the telephone to be the voters booth of the future.
>only the voter would know his or her pin. And security would not be an
>Printing an additional 4 Billion Dollars in FIAT currency will definitely
>help our economy and these devices will become obsolete within two years or
>4 to 5 uses.
I regret it, as you do, but it's a done deal. We can provide the
hardware for less than $1,000, as opposed to the current cost of around
$7,000, and we can provide the support for peanuts compared to whatever
it is costing to support those Windows machines. I've got machines
around my company that are more than ten years old and they are running
the latest version of the operating system. I am used to selling and
supporting hardware for ten years and more so the two year reference
you're making is unacceptible around here. I am also providing an
embedded solution, so there's no argument there

>The telephone can be used long into the future and it is even possible to
>incorporarate voice recognition security against fraud and voice activated
>voting so even the keypad would be unnecessary.
>Think of the energy savings ALONE !
I would suggest that the decision to move to touchscreen voting is a
decision which has been made and which is irreversible. To suggest that
a phone-based voting system should be introduced is a political sell,
not really a technical sell, and I don't think there's anybody on this
earth who can sell it politically. I think that the chances that we can
create a superior touchscreen voting system are certain, and that the
chances that we can sell it politically are very near certain. Helping
to make create a superior touchscreen voting system and assisting the
people who are faced with the task of selling it politicallyt, which is
the really challenge, is solely what my participation here involves.
I'm not interested in telephone voting because I have nothing to
contribute there and even if I was interested in it I don't know anyone
who is interested in selling it politically.

Gene Mosher
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