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Yeah, that's one of the reasons that I said PHPNuke-like... PHPNuke is kinda
losing momentum due to internal project politics, but luckily there are
alternatives, like PostNuke and Drupal, that have popped up. If we're
looking for such a system, I'd be happy to do a little digging into the
current "state of the art" and make a recommendation.

If all we want to do is a specific application, custom writing it in PHP is
probably easiest. PHPNuke (and such) are good pre-built collections of
software that are great for running news oriented discussion sites, with
add-ons for doing things like publishing a calendar, photo gallery, database
of reviews, and so on, which I would guess might be appropriate for this
project, but I'm pretty new here... :-)

- LP

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PLWC> I'd be happy to help as well -- my suggestion would be PHP and
PLWC> MySQL, since it's the most widely supported combination, and of
PLWC> course free and open source are good things. :-) I'd also
PLWC> suggest looking into packages like PHPNuke (there are several
PLWC> good options), since they solve a lot of the basic issues
PLWC> (membership, news, calendaring, etc.).

Yes, PHPNuke is a killer application.
Unfortunately, the user is tipically its victim! ;)

Maybe PostNuke could be better (but I never use a CMS in my
applications so, probably, someone else may suggest a better

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