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From: Paul Kostick Jr. <pk_at_c-techsys_dot_net>
Date: Tue Dec 02 2003 - 13:39:56 CST

I have been envolved in the design of embedded devices for sometime. I have
purchased 10's of thousands of embedded O.S. Licenses.

Voting is a simple process. Each election a complete guide is mailed to
each voter.
A simple alpha numeric encryption with each voters guide code be used to
enable the touchpad on the telephone to be the voters booth of the future.
only the voter would know his or her pin. And security would not be an

Printing an additional 4 Billion Dollars in FIAT currency will definitely
help our economy and these devices will become obsolete within two years or
4 to 5 uses.
The telephone can be used long into the future and it is even possible to
incorporarate voice recognition security against fraud and voice activated
voting so even the keypad would be unnecessary.

Think of the energy savings ALONE !

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> Paul Kostick Jr. wrote:
> >Alan,
> >
> >I spoke to you some months ago about using embedded hardware to create
> >effective voting hardware and software.
> >
> >I have been following many of the emails.
> >
> >Your original idea, the one you shared with me was for used systems for
> >voting.
> >At the time I mentioned embedded systems.
> >It seems like now you have evolved to 17"LCD touch screens.
> >
> >Prices are now getting somewhat extreme for hardware that is used twice a
> >year.
> >It makes a lot of sense to availe your selves of the terminal equipment
> >exists in almost every household and requires no screen at all.
> >
> >Have you considered the telephone. It is also available in the public
> >variety.
> >
> >Simple is better.
> >pk
> >Paul Kostick
> >
> Paul;
> Congress appropriated nearly 4 billion for these machines a few years
> ago. I am currently purchasing 17" touchscreens and book-size computer
> for under $900. These computers boot from the bios over the network and
> are available with a $70 wireless option. They use nonroutable IP
> addresses and cannot be hacked from any outside network because they are
> designed to be secure that way. The telephone is a simple terminal
> device, yes, but it is difficult to use for anything other than what it
> was designed for. A touchscreen GUI is used on a terminal device which
> is designed to make it easy for people to understand what their choices
> are and to make it quite unlikely that they will make a choice other
> than the one they intend. I have LOTS of ideas for this process and you
> will be able to see many of them in an initial demo very soon.
> Gene Mosher

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