Re: Touch screens and wxPython

From: Paul Kostick Jr. <pk_at_c-techsys_dot_net>
Date: Tue Dec 02 2003 - 12:59:54 CST


I spoke to you some months ago about using embedded hardware to create cost
effective voting hardware and software.

I have been following many of the emails.

Your original idea, the one you shared with me was for used systems for
At the time I mentioned embedded systems.
It seems like now you have evolved to 17"LCD touch screens.

Prices are now getting somewhat extreme for hardware that is used twice a
It makes a lot of sense to availe your selves of the terminal equipment that
exists in almost every household and requires no screen at all.

Have you considered the telephone. It is also available in the public

Simple is better.
Paul Kostick

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> > I have used touch screens with linux. Some do work via mouse input.
> however
> > it would be good to verify that this particular version does work that
> way...
> >
> > If we're planning on having people use their fingers, be aware that
> > buttons/controls must be 3-4 times ( linear dimension) the size they
> > must be for typical mouse usage. Additionally certain widgets which
> > require dragging ( scroll bars for example ) do not work particularly
> > well
> >
> Note what it says here:
> Allow all kinds of touch input devices to activate
> the screen (as fingers, styluses, etc...) while
> maintaining superb tactile feel
> I think we should plan to use a stylus in the demo.
> Alan D.

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