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SF Chronicle writer Deborah Gage was there for the final tabulation

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Obama sweeps the open source vote

Barack Obama beat John McCain by 5-to-1 Thursday in a mock election held at the LinuxWorld conference in San Francisco.

In a tally of people who attended the conference and bothered to stop by the voting booths, Obama won 545 of 816 votes cast, with McCain coming in second at 135 votes. Ralph Nader, an independent, and Bob Barr, who is running for the Libertarian Party, trailed with 63 votes and 35 votes, respectively.

The election was conducted on voting machines that run on open source software, which the Chronicle wrote about here.

A crowd gathered around the booths in the basement of Moscone Center and watched as the votes were tallied on a computer monitor for all to see. Each time a ballot was scanned and Obama inched forward in the vote count, somebody cheered or clapped.

Voters at LinuxWorld don't represent average U.S. voters. They are more technical and more computer savvy, and some of them are likely not U.S. citizens, or registered voters.

Presidential polls on The New York Times site say the race is a lot closer, although some of them also give Obama a slight lead.

Posted By: Deborah Gage


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