Verifying Aggrigate Votes

From: Joe Baker <joebaker_at_dcresearch_dot_com>
Date: Fri Aug 17 2007 - 13:21:51 CDT

We are doing a great job at the hard work of preparing Open Source
software for local precincts.


I'm wondering if anybody is thinking about the higher levels. Verifying
the totals at the county, state and federal levels?

I can envision a county election official submitting his federal vote
counts to all the interested parties via a designated file on one of
several possible web sites. PGP signatures would ensure that the
election official certified the numbers. The certified vote results
would be replicated to various mirrors, possibly using bittorrent.

The design of the web site would be open source and easily deployable by
each and all interested parties.

My concern is that the aggregation of vote totals aren't skewed, and
that they are verifiable via non-refutable digital key signature process.

Is anything like this being done?

-Joe Baker
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