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Date: Wed Aug 15 2007 - 12:26:38 CDT

The Dan Rather video is not yet out on the web but a transcript is out

a couple new highlights:

1) ES&S knew it's screens were defective and would miscalibrate. The Certifications for humidity tolerance for florida were not backed by any testing for humidity tolerance.

2) The Sequoia punch cards used in the florida debacle were deliberately made non-standard for that run using apparently defective paper. The reason the punch points were shifted down from the standard ballot registration points was because they assumed the humidity would expand the paper and bring them into register. It apparently did not expand as expected. When the hanging chad news hit, Sequoia went through the plant and had all records of the paper switch eradicated (according to pressmen at the plant who had initially refused to do the humidity compensating offset of the ballots)

The paper itself was also a new source that year. In fact they present strong evidence that the paper was in fact was simply rolls from earlier runs that had been rejected for bad quality that and been re-wrapped and fake stickers from Boise Cascade placed on them or possibly some other mystery source. Among the evidence presented: Forensic analysis and Boise Cascade both said the paper was not from boise cascade--the stock was acid not alkaline and contained no northwest tree fibers. The labels bearing the Boise cascae logo appeared to be forged xerox copies. the kicker is this: one of the "new" relabeled rolls came with graffiti on it! graffiti that one of the Sequoia pressmen had put there when he rejected it the first time. Additionally there were no delivery records for the claimed paper purchases.

It sort of looks like sequoia was letting the punch machines fail through reduce QC just when they had developed new touchscreen machines to sell.

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