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Date: Sun Aug 12 2007 - 11:24:52 CDT

Thanks Charlie- I'll drink to that !! Brent



From: Charlie Strauss []
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Subject: [OVC-discuss] Defendant wins breathalyzer source code


During a court hearing on charges of third-degree DUI, the defendant asked
for a copy of the "complete computer source code for the (breathalizer)
currently in use in the state of Minnesota." An
<> article in the Pioneer Press quoted his
attorney, Jeffrey Sheridan, as saying the source code was necessary because
otherwise "for all we know, it's a random number generator."


This request has now been granted.


This is the second time a court has said a defendant could not be tried
using secret source code Brethalizer derived evidence.


This bodes well as a precedent for voting systems.


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