San Diego and the Diebold TSx

From: Ed Kennedy <ekennedyx_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Fri Aug 25 2006 - 21:14:26 CDT

Hello All:


            It looks like San Diego County is planning to finally mainstream
the Diebold TSx. As some of you may know, I regularly am a precinct
inspector (poll worker) here and I've just been asked to participate in the
November elections. In going over the request I noticed that they have a
post called something like, "Touch Screen System Inspector." What seemed
particularly interesting was a note that the person in the post needed to be
able to transport up to 8 touch screen machines from the training session
and store them a week or so later, to the polling place. Previously we have
only handled 2 machines at a time, one to encode voter cards the other for
the actual purpose of voting. (They are interchangeable) So far, the
Diebold TSx's formal purpose has been to meet the ADA compliance
requirements but it looks like we're going to start using them as regular
voting equipment. Hopefully we'll have enough paper ballots. Oddly enough,
in the two elections I've worked where they have been used, no one has
actually used them. I've volunteered to be in the Touch Screen Inspector
post so that means I may have up to 8 Diebold TSx machines sitting in my
garage for around a week in November if anyone is interested in examining
them. Please remember that I will not have the key or the voting cards for
the equipment as that goes to supervising precinct inspector and is handed
to me only on the morning of the election. Also, we will be going through 4
hours of instruction prior to the election.




Edmund R. Kennedy, PE

10777 Bendigo Cove

San Diego, CA 92126



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