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> Talk about a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!
> I have posted the entirety of email interchanges between me and Ms.
> Dopp at
> Please download and compare Kathy's demeanor and language with her
> most recent post to this list below.
> She writes below:
> I see that Jerry has taken the clustering approach to adjusting for
> precinct-size variation that I first suggested to him in a quick
> sentence in my email response to him re. two possible ways that came
> immediately to my mind for ways that precinct-size variation can be
> adjusted for.
> This statement is not a mistake. It is a deliberate lie, and is
> completely in character for Kathy. She never suggested any such thing
> to me. Quite the contrary.
> I might add that when she first contacted Howard Stanislevic her
> first move was to accuse him of plagiarism. Typical Dopp!


I did not keep all my original emails I sent to you or yours to me
because I did not realize at the time what a lunatic you are, nor
would I irrationally post your private emails to me, no matter how
irrationally threatening, dishonest, and crazy they were. (I am not
like you are.)

BTW, it is delusional to think that you know more than I do about the
thoughts and feelings inside my own head o what I did when you were
not there. If you want to know what I think or feel, or what I did,
ask me.

Jerry, I'm sorry if you did not receive or if you decided not to read
the email I typed up and sent to you where I explained to you that
precinct-size variation only affects precint count audits and
suggested two possible methods of adjusting for it (one the method
which you decided to employ and another method which I also later
tried and discarded but which Stanislevic seems to use a little).

Please try to get it through your thick skull that I am not like you
are. I don't lie and I never invent false stories. I am known for
being "honest to a fault" with emphasis on the word "fault". I do,
however, seem to have an unfortunate knack for making dishonest
persons furious with me.

I tried, perhaps too hard, to be nice to you despite your bad
behavior, blatant invented lies, mischaracterizations, name-calling,
email threats, and other illogical, irrational behavior. I publicly
gave you more credit than you deserved, hoping that would placate you.

Try to get it through your head Jerry that I am not like you are, and
if you want to know what I am like, then ask me.

To Everyone on This List:

I am not going to respond to Jerry's lies that he constantly sends to
this list about me any more and I am going to stop trying to placate
Jerry. Judging from all his previous deliberate lies about me, it
would not surprise me in the least if Jerry has invented emails that
he claims are from me and from him.

I know that using the word "lie" is considered to be impolite, but
honesty, not politeness, is my forte. I am not going to respond to
any more of Jerry's lies and I am done trying to placate him by giving
him praise that he doesn't really deserve.

Take it for granted, that if Jerry tells you anything about me, it is
likely to be fiction.


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