Bill to bring about Non Propietary hardware (and software) for voting system

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Fri Aug 18 2006 - 13:54:53 CDT

I would like OVC to sponsor two bills in the California State Legislature
next year. One will be a descendent of AB 2097 (full public disclosure of
voting technology). The other would be a little more ambitious, asking the
state to develop Non-proprietary Ideal Voting System technology (call it
NIVS for now until we have a better name).

Here's the NIVS idea:

- NIVS would be consistent with the Irwin Mann definition of "Open Voting
System" -- no proprietary parts anywhere! (hardware as well as software).

- NIVS would be based on trailing edge technology (plenty good enough for
counting votes).

- The state would buy whatever trailing edge technology needed (processors,
video system, DVD drive, drivers, touch screen, printer, etc).

- Pollsite system would be a ballot printer (like OVC architecture).

- All software open source with BSD style license

- Extensive development effort starting with User Centered Design
principles... top notch security built-in from the ground up.
Public/Private effort perhaps engaging CITRIS (Center for Information
Technology Research In the Interest of Society), ACCUATE, and other
universities as well as private firms. Extensive trials with human

- Budget whatever funds are needed (perhaps 10s of millions $$).

The NIVS bill would not force counties to use NIVS, but would make it
attactive enough that NIVS would gradually replace existing voting system
hardware/software. The state would handle all certification costs, so new
vendors could compete using the free technology. Existing vendors could
also use NIVS.

Since money would have to be appropriated for NIVS, we'd need some buy-in
from Republicans -- perhaps recruit a Republican author (don't forget, Ross
Johnson, a Republican, carried the bill for voter verified paper trail).

What do you think?

Alan D.

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