Will Your Vote Count?

From: Jerry Lobdill <lobdillj_at_charter_dot_net>
Date: Thu Aug 17 2006 - 15:56:14 CDT

This is a subject that deserves so much more depth than the
he-said-she-said treatment given by Ms. Agostino.

The HAVA 2002 law was written by lobbyists for the voting machine
manufacturers. This law, which was supposed to address the
election...ummm... "irregularities" that occurred in Florida and Ohio
in 2000, instead makes electronic voting machines a mandatory fixture
in every precinct in the nation as a federally mandated way to help
the disabled vote and allocates $3.8 billion of the taxpayers' money
to pay for these machines. Excuse me, but my research on the
election irregularities of 2000 found no mention whatever of disabled
voting problems. And the name of the law, "Help America Vote Act" has
nothing to do with what the purpose of the law was supposed to be.

Ms Agostino allows shills for the industry to pose the question of
whether taxpayers are willing to pay for honest, transparent, secure
elections. Let's see...taxpayers seem to approve of spending $7.5
billion per month on the war in Iraq (average since March 20,2003).
And the total budget allocated for providing voting machine
manufacturers a captive market is $3.8 billion--less than half a
month's war cost. Is it really taxpayers who would balk at guarding
the most crucial feature of our democracy?

This nation is on the brink of losing the only thing that makes
democracy possible, honest elections.

Jerry Lobdill

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