Re: Fitting TS with Printer

From: Jim March <jmarch_at_prodigy_dot_net>
Date: Tue Aug 08 2006 - 02:17:58 CDT

Ron, most cash-register printers run natively on 12v DC. Splicing into
the 12v output on the battery (actually between battery and motherboard)
would be easy, just stick an adapter in there in-line. It's a standard
enough plug and there's plenty of room.

Forget me, I live by a 2800w inverter, runs my whole
house off solar panels and a 650lb battery. I paid big bucks for one
that only loses about 8%...the little cheap ones lose WAY more. Don't
even go there.


Ron Crane wrote:

> Alan Dechert wrote:
>> Well, yes, we can see it can be done. It has an onboard printer port
>> and also has USB circuitry as well as an extra PC card slot that
>> could also accommodate a PCMCIA USB adapter.
>> My question is a little more specific. Basically, can we use the
>> onboard UPS with a commodity inkjet printer (not the VVPAT-on-a-roll
>> thermal paper)? If we do that, how long can it run on the internal
>> battery running as a ballot printer?
> That would require an inverter to turn the DC from the UPS's battery
> into 120VAC for the inkjet. Depending upon the battery's voltage
> finding an inverter could be easy (12V) or difficult (any other
> voltage). You can estimate the runtime by first computing the
> effective UPS capacity in watt-hours. Use the battery's rated capacity
> in watt-hours (or in amp-hours and multiply by the nominal voltage to
> get watt-hours) and multiply it by 0.6 (you can't really use anywhere
> near the rated capacity). Now divide that by the unmodified system's
> runtime (from the docs), giving the unmodified system's usage in
> watts. Add to that the inkjet's wattage rating multiplied by 1.2 (to
> account for inverter inefficiencies). Now divide the battery's rated
> capacity in watt-hours by that total to get a ballpark estimate of
> runtime with the printer.
> -R
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