Re: Fitting TS with Printer

From: Ron Crane <voting_at_lastland_dot_net>
Date: Mon Aug 07 2006 - 22:43:18 CDT
Alan Dechert wrote:
Well, yes, we can see it can be done.  It has an onboard printer port and also has USB circuitry as well as an extra PC card slot that could also accommodate a PCMCIA USB adapter.
My question is a little more specific.  Basically, can we use the onboard UPS with a commodity inkjet printer (not the VVPAT-on-a-roll thermal paper)?  If we do that, how long can it run on the internal battery running as a ballot printer?
That would require an inverter to turn the DC from the UPS's battery into 120VAC for the inkjet. Depending upon the battery's voltage finding an inverter could be easy (12V) or difficult (any other voltage). You can estimate the runtime by first computing the effective UPS capacity in watt-hours. Use the battery's rated capacity in watt-hours (or in amp-hours and multiply by the nominal voltage to get watt-hours) and multiply it by 0.6 (you can't really use anywhere near the rated capacity). Now divide that by the unmodified system's runtime (from the docs), giving the unmodified system's usage in watts. Add to that the inkjet's wattage rating multiplied by 1.2 (to account for inverter inefficiencies). Now divide the battery's rated capacity in watt-hours by that total to get a ballpark estimate of runtime with the printer.


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