A task someone might take on before the Votepad hearing

From: Jim March <jmarch_at_prodigy_dot_net>
Date: Mon Aug 07 2006 - 02:17:37 CDT


I'm in the middle of writing my input to the SecState's office on the
Hart/Votepad certifications. I've got enough else on my plate that
while I can see an opportunity, I can't take advantage myself. If
anyone has a few hours...

Short form, we need to look for possible bias in the disability user
reports on the votepad.

To do that, we can look at the reports themselves:





In those two PDFs we have the reports by disabled persons.

We need to make up a chart, probably a basic spreadsheet, showing the

* Test voter number (upper right corner)

* Whether the tester was generally positive or negative towards the
votepad - sort of a judgement call but it's generally pretty easy to

* Whether they've tested other voting machines or not.

* What organizations they're with (note when this is left blank)

* Where they heard about the test (note when this is left blank)

With that in "quick reference" form we can try and make a stab at
identifying biases. I am particularly interested in any correlation
between "tested other voting machines" and "panned the votepad", for
this reason: some in the disability community see electronic voting
machines as a visible symbol of disability freedom. Somebody spoke up
like that in Arizona on Friday (Pima County Board of Supes voting on
Diebold TSx) and it's been a long-standing refrain of the National
Federation of the Blind.

Such a chart will help us look for those sorts of biases. Should be no
more than a couple hour's work, publish the spreadsheet, we'll have a
better feel for what's going on. If nobody volunteers by tomorrow
night...sigh, I'll try and get to it. Whaaaa.


In other news: my commentary on Votepad will focus on the apparant
radical difference in treatment between Votepad being allowed to get
involved in their test process and Diebold get invited into theirs.
Diebold outright designed a test protocol passed along verbatim by Bruce
McDannold at one point (December of '05) and I'll be focused on that
hard...I have a copy of Diebold's "proposed test protocol" of that date.

I'm going to unload on the SecState's office rather severely :).

Jim March
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