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From: Nathan L. Adams <nadams_at_ieee_dot_org>
Date: Fri Aug 26 2005 - 20:38:11 CDT

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Cameron L. Spitzer wrote:
> That's the main thing that's kept VME and Compact PCI
> industrial computers alive. Markets that *really* need identical
> replacement parts three years later cannot take advantage of
> lower cost PC-compatible motherboards, video cards et al.
> They'd have to do a lifetime buy of every assembly, the first
> production run, because there is no guarantee Intel or VIA
> or Netgear or Asustek or Taiwan Garage White Box Inc will ship you
> the same assembly two months later, even if you order the
> same part number.

I deal with VME and Compact PCI systems daily, and they too change as
you describe. I/O boards with the same part number have newer
components, etc. As long as our software drivers and hardware connect
don't have to change; we (the company I work for) don't care.


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