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From: Nathan L. Adams <nadams_at_ieee_dot_org>
Date: Fri Aug 26 2005 - 17:17:15 CDT

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Alan Dechert wrote:
> When you say, "used in school," that could turn out to be a reason to
> consider the Mac. They are widely used in schools. There may be
> business reasons for doing it that way in some circumstances. I vote at
> a school. The same school has a computer room with a bunch of Macs. If,
> say, a half dozen of those school computers were in secure enclosures, I
> don't see any reason they couldn't simply be reconfigured for Election
> Day (disable harddrive and network, boot from CD/DVD). If Apple and the
> schools were on board with it, then it could be quite cheap -- no more
> than a couple hundred dollars per year.

Don't bet the OVC farm on reusing school equipment as voting equipment.
Some folks will (rightly) argue that it may not be a good idea to
subject your voting equipment to clever, resourceful, immature school
aged hackers for the better part of the year.

But my main point was that x86 as a hardware platform is far more 'open'
and generally understood than anything that Apple will offer us. I also
want to deter anyone from believing that OS X is a) F/OSS b) a viable
platform for OVC software.


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