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From: charlie strauss <cems_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Thu Aug 25 2005 - 15:11:56 CDT

One good aspect about this is the potential for physical security and ease of distribution. In one OVC model, where you sell/give these things away after the election, it would be pretty easy to get full price with a mac.

At present it's literally hard to distribute and store the machines prior to an election, and long term secure storage after an election. If the units can be made smallenough and light enough then all the units for a precint could could be locked in an "ammo-can" (steel suitcase) and delivered is a sealed state while only requiring one person to carry them. Actuall polling officials rather than contract delivery services could simply pick them up at city hall. In some cases currently systems are delivered up to a week ahead of time and locked in makeshift janitors closets, principles offices, etc.

With a small cpu you could deliver the screens and backup generators and cabling ahead of time.

Finally enclosing the unit in a locked plexiglass box also offers some transparent physical security. Again easier to do when smaller.

Of course all of this concern over physical security is moot if one feels that booting of a CD rom is suffient security.

By the way
If you are just going for size only then take it all the way down to say a gumstix CPU or a palm-pilot.

(around $150, the size of a stick of gum, 200Mhz 64MB xscale linux platform)

the gumstix is probably impractical for OVC since it needs to be connected to video adapters and whatnot.

Q: Which software can be added to the gumstix platform ?
A: System:
Bash, bzip2, coreutils, diffutils, ed file, findutils, gawk, grep, gzip, less, microwin, nano, procps, rxvt, sed, sfdisk, tar, tinylogin, tinyx, util-linux

Ckermit, bridge, dhcp_relay, dnsmasq, dropbear, hostap, iproute2, iptables, libpcap, microcom, mrouted, netkitbase, netkittelnet, netsnmp, ntpd, ogg, openobex (includes opd), openssh, openssl, openvpn, pppd, snort, socat, tcpdump, tn5250, ttcp, vtun, wireless-tools.

Berkeleydb, perl (php) (postgres) python, (squeak)
SQLite and SQLite3 - which use readline and ncurses

Gettext, gpsd, gpsutil, jpeg, libpcre, lzo, mkdosfs, mke2fs, ncurses, newt, slang, zlib

Development tools:
Autoconf, automake, binutils-uclibc, bison, ccache, flex, gcc-uclibc-2.95, gcc-uclibc-3.x, gdb, libtool, ltrace, m4, make, patch, pxaregs, strace, valgrind.

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Meet the $499 Mac.How about this as the cpu for a voting station?

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