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There is much more going on than Hart's simple claims manifest.
And of course - anyone can make almost any marketing
statement they wish - and their customers are free to make
whatever sense of that they care.

I've already had OASIS staffers question what is going on.

One thing is clear Hart and EDX is not an open public
standards body themselves.

The submission to IEEE is simply just that, and Hart
are members and co-chair the IEEE 1622 committee,
so conflict of interest is a possible issue.

There is an analysis between EDX and OASIS EML -
a simple checklist of common feature support, and that
is here:

However - I have not seen detailed documentation for EDX,
schemas, use cases, design, etc, to be able to verify this,
or give some sense of what level of equivalence that
the "check mark" really infers.

Notice also - the matrix does not tell you XML transaction
level detail - OASIS EML provides groups of XML formats
aimed at specific aspects of the processing. It's not clear
if EDX is just one single structure or more?

What we had been working toward and had some joint
discussions around was a general alignment
between IEEE and OASIS EML - and in fact OASIS EML
provides the means to do this already - via the ability to
publish country specific documentation - as the UK Gov
has already done, and now Spain and others are
beginning. We are hoping that IEEE will work with
OASIS EML in producing such a document for US

Here's the UK example:

Notice also that OASIS EML is now proceeding to being
submitted for an ISO standard and providing that
international validation.

Clearly having a standards battle serves little purpose -
especially given the apparent overlap here. Remember
the original work on OASIS EML was done by ES&S
and others specifically from the USA back in 2002/3.

The critical piece in all this from my perspective is to
have fully documented and certifiable conformance
tests available for the XML in use. It is vital that
an open public implementation of a voting system
uses information formats that are completely

Only OASIS EML that I have seen to date provides
that complete level of detail to ensure that

Ultimately as OASIS have done in other
domains - interoperability of XML information
formats between individual vendor products is
also a significant goal here that customers will
surely benefit from once that is achieved.

Hope that helps clarify this situation.

Thanks, DW

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> I had a look at Hart Intercivic's website, and they claim to have
> introduced "the first open published election data standard for United
> States elections." What do OVC people think of that? Can OVC systems
> use/support the Hart "EDX" standard?
> (from : "Hart
> InterCivic hereby grants others permission to use, reproduce, distribute
> and modify the EDX Standard for purposes of furthering and implementing
> IEEE 1622, and waives all copyright interests in the EDX Standard if
> adopted, in whole or in part, as part of IEEE 1622.") Can EDX be used
> with ranked voting? :-) dah
> wrote:
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> >Subject: [OVC-discuss] Election equipment news from Hart. Note this
> >
> ><>
> >
> >What's the story on their 'EScan paper voting system'?
> >
> >Thanks, Ed Kennedy
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