A Diebold network connection Question

From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_at_uscountvotes_dot_org>
Date: Wed Aug 17 2005 - 11:34:30 CDT

A Question from Scott in MS scottatyner@yahoo.com
(this may also apply in UT)

The following is a term of the Diebold contract with
the state of Mississippi. It is taken verbatim. This
looks like an internet connection between Diebold and
our (Mississippi's) election equipment and software.

Please give your feedback on this:


Contractor [Diebold] and MSOS [Mississippi Secretary
of State] understand and agree that the State of
Mississippi's Enterprise Security Policy mandates that
all remote access to and/or from the State network
must be accomplished via a Virtual Private Network
(VPN.) If the parties agree that remote access is
required at any time during the life of this
Agreement, Diebold and MSOS agree to
implement/maintain a VPN for this connectivity. This
required VPN must be IPSec-capable (ESP tunnel mode)
and will terminate on a Cisco VPN-capable device (i.e.
VPN concentrator, PIX firewall, etc.) on the State's
premises. Diebold agrees that it must, at its own
expense, implement/maintain a compatible
hardware/software solution to terminate the specified
VPN on Diebold's premises.
The parties further understand and agree that the
State protocol standard and architecture are based on
industry-standard security protocols and manufacturer
engaged at the time of contract execution. The State
reserves the right to introduce a new protocol and
architecture standard and require Diebold to comply
with same, in the event the industry introduces a more
secure, robust protocol to replace IPSec/ESP and/or
there is a change in the manufacturer engaged.

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