NASED conf report & new EAC federal voting machine certification

From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_at_uscountvotes_dot_org>
Date: Mon Aug 15 2005 - 17:15:41 CDT

I attended the summer conference Aug 12-14th:

The Good News: I met John Wack of NIST who seems to want to make contact
with the OVC and any experts in voting systems.

The Bad News: If I understood it right, the U.S. E.A.C. is planning a
national certification for voting machines that involves "Technical

Thus far, the technical reviewers have been Britt Williams, Steve
Burger, Steve Freeman (CA), and Paul Kraft.

I know about Professor Britt Williams (ret) of Kennesaw U. in GA who,
during his talk to NASED emphasized that "There has not been one single
documented instance of attacks on a computerized voting system." and who
supports paperless e-voting, but who are the others?

My biggest concern is that the E.A.C. does not seem to have any formal
process for appointing new persons to the technical reviewers group, and
it seems likely that a formal process for appointing technical reviewers
would be required to ensure that a balanced team of technical reviewers
that best represented mainstream opinions of the computer science
community rather than a one-sided approach. I urge the adoption of an
actual formal process for appointing technical reviewers perhaps
involving obtaining the advice of major university computer science
departments to ensure that the technical review committee is
well-rounded. The technical reviewers will have key impact in the new
national certification of voting machines.

I highly urge the members of OVC:

1. to write the U.S. E.A.C. letters urging them to have a better process
for selecting the new "technical reviewers" than just having Tom Wilkey
and the current reviewers evaluate and add new technical reviewers.

2. to find good people to apply to be U.S. E.A.C. technical reviewers.

This will be a critical part of the new national certification of voting
systems in America.

I am really swamped and do not have time to participate, but am giving
you a heads up on this as there were almost no other election activists
to observe the NASED conference.


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