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> In a way, then, John G. Roberts is like Abe Fortas, who gave Lyndon B. 
> Johnson the critical legal advice on how to get the Supreme Court to stop 
> vote counting so LBJ could steal the Texas election for U.S. Senate in 
> 1948.
> Fortas was LBJ's first nominee to the Court.
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>>Subject: [OVC-discuss] Roberts, Supreme Court
>>July 20, 2005
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>>Wexler: Bush's Supreme Court Pick Insulting to Disenfranchised Florida 
>>Urges Senate to Reject Roberts for Role in 2000 Recount
>>(Washington, DC) - Congressman Robert Wexler (D-FL) issued the following 
>>statement conveying why he believes the Senate should reject President 
>>Bush’s nomination of U.S. Court of Appeals Judge John G. Roberts to the 
>>U.S. Supreme Court.  CNN’s Anderson Cooper reported last night that “Mr. 
>>Roberts’s law firm had a big part in Mr. Bush’s legal fight in the 
>>recount back in election year 2000.”  In addition, today's Dallas Morning 
>>News added that “three sources who were personally aware of Judge 
>>Roberts’ role said he gave Republican Gov. Jeb Bush critical advice on 
>>how the Florida Legislature could constitutionally name George W. Bush the 
>>winner at a time when Republicans feared that if the recount were to 
>>continue the courts might force a different choice.” Wexler believes that 
>>the Senate should reject Roberts’ nomination due to his leading role in 
>>the contentious 2000 Presidential recount as well as his politically 
>>jaundiced legal briefs in favor of issues championed!
>  !
>> by the far right including overturning Roe v. Wade and support for prayer 
>> in schools:
>>“Last night, President Bush’s nomination of Judge Roberts threw salt on 
>>the wounds of the thousands of Floridians whose voting rights were 
>>disenfranchised during the 2000 election.  Judge Roberts worked to ensure 
>>that George Bush would become President – regardless of what the courts 
>>might decide.  And now he is being rewarded for that partisan service by 
>>being appointed to the nation’s highest court.  His advice to Governor 
>>Jeb Bush on ways that George Bush could be seated as President regardless 
>>of the outcome of court decisions is extremely disturbing.  It shows that 
>>his partisan agenda overrides his respect for the rights of voters or the 
>>decisions of the courts.  The Senate should reject him on the basis of 
>>this alone.  If his nomination is not opposed, a man who clearly is unable 
>>to be an impartial figure will be given a life-time appointment to the 
>>highest court in the land and allowed to legislate his conservative 
>>ideology from the bench.  Throughout his career,!
>  !
>> Roberts has aligned himself with the right-wing of the Republican Party, 
>> as evident during the 2000 recount and by his decision to represent the 
>> previous Bush Administration’s ultra-conservative agenda on overturning 
>> Roe v. Wade and allowing prayer in school.
>>“Justice John Paul Stevens wrote in his dissenting view of Bush v. Gore, 
>>‘One thing, however, is certain.  Although we may never know with 
>>complete certainty the identity of the winner of this year’s Presidential 
>>election, the identity of the loser is perfectly clear.  It is this 
>>Nation’s confidence in the judge as an impartial guardian of the rule of 
>>law.’ If Roberts is confirmed by the Senate, the winner will be a growing 
>>political divide and the loss of an independent and impartial judiciary 
>>will again be felt by the American people.”
>>  Congressman Wexler is a senior member of the House International 
>> Relations Committee and is a member of the House Judiciary Committee.
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