Re: [Fwd: [election_stats] Cook County Clerk David Orr Request for Computer Experts to Review Sequoia Source Code]

From: Richard C. Johnson <dick_at_iwwco_dot_com>
Date: Wed Aug 03 2005 - 17:29:54 CDT

This request amounts to co-opting the OpenSource community. Any person who agrees to disarm the call for OpenSource by serving as an individual "reviewer" of one version of the proprietary and otherwise private code of software designed for voting is being had. Let the privates hire who they wish, but don't encourage them to believe that we will back off if they just let someone of our ilk take a peek under their tent.
Rather, we should reply to Lora (as I will) that the proper course is to suggest to Sequoia that they put their source code on deposit at SourceForge, establishing a business plan that derives revenue from providing services and selling Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) tools.
The effort to earn profits from proprietary, hidden voting software is essentially doomed and is an inevitable conflict of interest, hiding what should be public in a democracy and in no way earning trust. More trust is not earned by delegated peeks. It is pushing Representative Democracy too far to rely on one or even a few of the people's representatives to see the inner secrets of a voting machine. It is certainly not what most mean by OpenVoting.
Sorry to be a wet blanket.
-- Dick

Kathy Dopp <> wrote:
Can anyone help with this request from Lora Chamberlain?

I believe Lora is an advisor to Cook County, IL (Chicago area) County
Commissioners. Perhaps she needs to be advised on why voting system
experts cannot review publicly disclosed software.

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Subject: [election_stats] Cook County Clerk David Orr Request for
Computer Experts to Review Sequoia Source Code
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2005 10:16:41 -0500
From: Ron Baiman

Dear Colleagues,

I just got this request. I recommended the one Computer Scientist I know
in the area who is on our list.

Are there others whom we should recommend ?

David Orr is currently President of National County Clerks Association,
so this could have important national impact.

I'm not sure they have to be local.



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*From:* Lora Chamberlain
*To:* Ron Baiman
*Sent:* Tuesday, August 02, 2005 6:38 PM
*Subject:* Ron, Orr's office has requested your recommendations

Ron, Kevin McDermott has asked for a list of super smart and possibly
well know computer scientists in Chicago academics who would be
requested to review Sequoia's source code. In the contract with Cook
County, Sequoia has allowed a process of review by a few citizens of the
BOE choice. Orr's office would like them to be non-partisan if at all
possible or at least experts of both or all parties should be
represented. Thanks so much, I have been trying to leave you alone for a
while because you sounded like you were over worked a couple of weeks
ago. I hope this is not too much of a request, you really are the best
person for this job in the city. Thanks again, Dr. Lora
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