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Date: Tue Aug 31 2004 - 18:03:41 CDT

OK, I've put the Wiki module into the site and copied in most of the content
<> ), so that people can
see how it looks.
For readers, it's the same as previously, other than operating as module
within the OVC web site (so more consistent look & feel, etc.).
For authors, you'll have to create a login on the site. Authoring is open to
anyone with a valid email address. The steps are:
1) Click 'create new account'
2) Pick a username and email address.
3) Read the email, and copy the auto-generated (random) password
4) Fill in the username and password on the site, and check "remember me" so
you won't have to log in each time.
Other changes from ModWiki:
- Pages may be arranged in a heirarchy, so in addition to traditional wiki
links, there's automatically a heirarchical navigational structure. For
example, all of the links on the "Wiki" page are dynamically generated.
- Creating pages is performed by clicking 'create content' then 'book page'
and then filling out the form. You have to enter a page title and text, and
should also set a position in the heirarchy. There are a bunch of check
boxes that have to do with workflow, which will default to the right thing
so they can be left alone.
- Editing pages requires login, and can be performed on any book page by
clicking 'edit this page'. The markup language is similar to other Wiki's,
and is explained on
<> . In particular, all links are
formed like [this], which links to a page named "this" (or if there's no
such page, to a search for all pages that contain "this" in the title).
- There's a discussion thread hanging off of each page, so there's a natural
separation between the "content" of the page and the "discussion" about the
I'll also note that in copying the content from the old site to the new one,
I split up the one large page "
<> Consensus Of The OVC"
into a series of sub-pages, and that I didn't copy over the
<> UC Reference
Architecture Draft or the bylaws draft, since (I believe) final versions are
Finally, the site has lots of stuff aside from the Wiki, such as polls,
discussions, blogs, image galleries, email subscriptions ("my notify
settings"), RSS feeds, etc. But that's a longer conversation. For now, let's
just look at the Wiki part and get it the way everyone likes it. The site is
configured to be fairly "open" for now (i.e. any authenticated user can
post, etc.). If we need to lock things down, we could create a more
controlled list of "OVC site authors".
- Laird Popkin

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It'll not be a moment too soon. The Wiki got hacked again this morning.
Thanks, Ed Kennedy

"Popkin, Laird (WMG Corp)" <> wrote:

Both capabilities can be provided by using the Drupal Wiki module. I'll
upgrade the site and install the Wiki module, the anti-bot registration
module, etc., this week.
<> .

- LP

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At 9:49 PM -0700 8/29/04, Ed Kennedy wrote:
>Hello All:
> I'm back. I've hopefully cleaned up the mess that was the Wiki.
>Text added since the various bot attacks may have been lost.
>Regardless of what finally comes up for the Wiki, I can tell you
>that the shuttle between the regular and inter-island airport in
>Honolulu is called the WIKIWIKI.

Yes, that's where the name Wiki came from, I understand.

>I will mention two suggestions. First and foremost, we need a bot blocker.


>Secondly, it would be nice if the Wiki remembered who you are on
>your next visit. I note that there is a login and password routine
>under preferences but it only seems to be good on a session basis.
>How do people feel about a simple identity cookie such as a,
>"Remember Me" checkbox?

Great idea.

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