Nevada Officials Back E-Vote Systems for Primary, General Election

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Date: Fri Aug 20 2004 - 15:07:40 CDT

"Nevada Officials Back E-Vote Systems for Primary, General Election"
  Computerworld (08/17/04); Weiss, Todd R.

  Nevada election officials plan to employ e-voting technology from
Sequoia Voting Systems for the state's Sept. 7 primary and the
general election in November, although a glitch was identified in an
August demonstration for members of the California state legislature.
The system consists of an AVC Edge touch-screen machine with a
VeriVote printer so that users can confirm their vote with a paper
record before it is counted and thus ensure that votes are recorded
properly, according to Sequoia's Alfie Charles. The system performed
well with an English-language ballot in the demo, but votes failed to
print on paper records when a Spanish-language ballot was used.
Sequoia blamed the glitch on the ballot's design and inadequate
proofreading prior to the demo, which Charles claimed was rushed.
Nevertheless, chief of staff for California Sen. Ross Johnson
(R-Irvine) Susie Swatt commented that the demo "solidified for us the
absolute need for a paper trail." founder and
executive director Ellen Theisen said her organization is against
paperless e-voting systems, and was worried about Sequoia's lack of
caution in preparing for the demonstration. She declared that she and
other voting activists are attempting to build support for a National
Ballot Integrity Project proposal mandating that all federal
elections employ manually counted ballots only. Steve George with the
Nevada secretary of state's office noted that Nevada will be the
first state to use an e-voting system that produces a paper trail.,10801,95319,00.html
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