Paper trails to rescue Venezuelan election?

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Thu Aug 19 2004 - 15:34:50 CDT

On Aug 19, 2004, at 3:05 AM, David Mertz wrote:
> I just didn't like the false description of prior polls; the lies
> about Chavez' policies; the misrepresentation of the recall process;
> the vague insinuations of fraud, with no supporting evidence; the
> actual libel about "autocratic, aggressive" and the like; the
> obnoxious selection of alleged "anomalies" that aren't really
> unlikely.

More digression on the Venezuelan recall. I just happen to have
followed the whole thing closely for the last six month, so the
neo-Murdoch press upsets me. This is interesting:


> Now it comes out that the poll, according to Associated Press, was not
> conducted by the firm s own employees, as falsely stated by the firm s
> press release, but, rather, by a partisan, U.S.-government funded,
> anti-Chávez, activist group, Súmate, which paid the firm of Penn,
> Schoen, and Berland, apparently, for no more than the lease to misuse
> Penn, Schoen & Berland s names to give credibility to incompetent
> and/or dishonest results. The early release of these false results was
> obviously intended to discredit the real results and cast a shadow on
> the final tally of the most fair, clean, and participated democratic
> referendum in Latin American history.

It's notable that even the anti-Chavezistas, who happen to own all the
Venezuelan presses, couldn't bring themselves to make the wild claims
of the article Charlie copied *before* the election. Rather than even
the "Si" proponents claiming polls had them "12-19%" ahead, the most
they actually claimed was that their own polls showed a "very narrow"
Si majority. But the few less-biased international pollsters who did
polls showed pro-Chavez voters slightly ahead (I think polling was
prohibited for a period before the election though, as in many
countries--maybe a week or two).

The unprecedentedly large turnout for the recall led to the stunningly
large margin (it was a pre-given that the rich, white, anti-Chavez
voters would make it to the polls; what was a pleasant surprise was the
enormous success at enfranchisement of the people who live in the

Yours, David...
(I like Lula even more than Chavez; but overall South America is going
in a positive direction... slowly).
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