Re: Paper trails to rescue Venuzuelan election?

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Thu Aug 19 2004 - 01:28:23 CDT

On Aug 19, 2004, at 1:04 AM, charlie strauss wrote:
> You may recall Jimmy carter and others declared the election fair a
> few days ago. But reportedly that call was based on the early
> electronic returns. Now there is anecdotal evidence the machines
> were rigged. Were they? Well one thing to do is check the paper.
> Imagine how nice it is to have paper in a dispute like this.

The cited article was slanderously bad (well, literally libel). I
agree with Charlie's point about the great merit of the paper, or

But the article was clearly written by an ideological neo-fascist of
the sort that makes up the most dedicated anti-Chavez "opposition"
(i.e. the coup collaborators). Almost every fact purported in the
article is just about opposite the truth. It's not too hard to find
better information, try Google News, for example. Greg Palast has
several good articles of late, for example (and he's one of the real
good guys in regard to voting disenfranchisement in the USA).

But this is way off topic for the Voting-Project. I just think readers
shouldn't buy into this slander.
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