Re: SB 1376 passes senate...

From: David Jefferson <d_jefferson_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Wed Aug 18 2004 - 10:42:11 CDT

Personally I am not happy at all with SB1376. It continues the theme
that putting software in "escrow" is some kind of public protection,
whereas it is just a device to help keep the software secret. Also
note that the provisions of SB1376 apply only to "ballot tally
software", which I interpret to mean the back-end system, not to ballot
capture "firmware" in the DREs, which is the most critical software.

The Secretary of State should have a full copy of all voting system
software for any analytical purposes he wishes, at the very least. (Of
course, in my opinion and yours it should all be public source.)


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> sb_1376_bill_20040817_history.html
> I'm not sure what "on to enrollment" means but this seems good, right?
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