Call Sacramento to call for passage of SB1438

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Mon Aug 16 2004 - 19:48:27 CDT

> From: Judy Bertelsen <>
> L.A. Registrar of Voters, Conny McCormack, is one of the worst and most
> vociferous on this topic--undoubtedly Chu is falling for her blather.

FWIW, I spoke with Connie McCormack at the Harvard shindig.
Unfortunately, I can't entirely disagree with Bertelsen's
characterization--Connie is much too sanguine about DREs. But I don't
think Connie is quite so religiously devoted to DREs as is someone like
Michael Shamos; Connie's just somewhat opportunistic in her views. She
wants her job to be as easy as possible, and to avoid egg on her own
face--DREs offer a false promise of efficient elections without messy

I'm pretty sure that once Connie "sees the writing on the wall" she'll
come around to publicly supporting voter verifiable paper ballots.
After two conversations, I certainly don't know McCormack well enough
to say exactly when she'll come around--or what we can do to accelerate
that process. But I think she's far from incorrigible. In fact, if
other folks know her, putting some tactful pressure on her to move her
view might have some indirect positive effect on a lot of people who
listen to her.

Perhaps a CC: on those letters to your California legislators might
address Connie. It's up to you Californians--as a non-resident, I had
a sufficient "in" to write CA Senators on ACR242. But since SB1438 is
really just a question of implementation schedules, I feel it oversteps
my bounds to write from out of state. But there are a lot of CA
citizens on this list... look up your legislators and write them!

Yours, David...
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