Re: Jim March's letter re: ACR 242

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Thu Aug 12 2004 - 15:56:35 CDT

> FYI, here is Jim's letter:

It's a good letter.

But I didn't like the untruth that "Linux is the ONLY alternative if
you have a standard Intel-based personal computer." [emphasis in
original] Here in my house, I run OS/2, FreeBSD, and BeOS on my
Intel-based computers. I've even once installed Solaris x86 on one of
them. And I ought to try OpenBSD, if only because they include my
Gnosis Utilities in their installable packages. And who knows, maybe
I'll install the GPL Syllable just on a lark. Or the Darwin/x86 port.
Or NetBSD. Or...

It's a quibble for the main point of Jim's letter. But instead of
"only", why not just write "most viable" or "best known" or something
accurate that makes the point.
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