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> Yes Indeed the expert testimony of Alan was very helpful. I would have
> in a bind if I had to answer Murrary's questions. It was also helpful to
> have the Asst Secretary of State, Willie Guerrero there to offer the
> Secretary's official support.
> Bob
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> I testified at the CA State Senate Elections committee
> (http://www.sen.ca.gov/ftp/sen/committee/STANDING/EL/_home1/PROFILE.HTM )
> hearing about ACR 242. It passed 3-0! (I believe Poochigian and Perata
> abstained).
> I suppose the vote was a foregone conclusion, but it was worth going
> The author (Goldberg) was not there and the chair (Perata) nearly
> the vote. Then Bob Reid (Goldberg's staff) offered to present the bill.
> I hadn't been there to answer questions, I think it would have been
> postponed.
> SoS Kevin Shelley's legislative aid, Willie Guerrero, joined us to present
> the bill, and he spoke in favor of it.
> The handout prepared by Goldberg's staff included a fair amount of
> from the OVC web site, including our "About Us" page and a couple of
> newspaper articles (SJ Merc "Holy Grail" Editorial and the Clive Thompson
> NYT article (A Really Open Election ... actually the reprint of it that
> appeared in the Sacramento Bee).
> In addition, there were a couple of letters from Richard Dawson (the OVC
> friend that actually initiated the resolution): one to Goldberg and one he
> wrote to Perata. There was a letter from Jim March which was rather
> and ended with "In any case, thank you for at least reading this far" with
> little smiley face emoticon (graphic, not text). And there was a nice
> authoritative letter from Charlie Strauss which included, "...co-founder
> Verified Voting New Mexico, and a professional computer scientist at Los
> Alamos National Laboratory (I do not represent the Laboratory or
> of California in this letter)." Maybe Charlie would post the whole text of
> his excellent letter.
> Then there were a couple of incredibly lame letters in opposition: one
> California Advocates, Inc. and another--even lamer, if that's
> possible--letter from AeA ( www.aeanet.org ). The gist of the opposition
> letters is that we should consider all technologies, open source or not.
> Let's see [scratching head], haven't we already been considering all the
> proprietary software--exclusively--over the past 40 years or so? Bottom
> line in their reasoning seems that if Shelley considers open source then
> they lose their monopoly on closed source, and they don't like it.
> I prepared a short statement to hand out. Pursuant to recent discussions
> about what's official OVC, I titled it "Alan Dechert's statement regarding
> ACR 242" and said stuff like, "I feel that more serious investigations are
> appropriate..." so that the statements are not necessarily official OVC
> positions (although I don't think anyone here would disagree with what I
> said).
> At one point, someone (maybe the Republican consultant) asked Willie
> Guerrero if Shelley needed this resolution to gain the authority to do it
> (investigate open source). Guerrero said, "no." Then the Rep said, "so
> he's going to do it anyway." Guerrero said, "we're looking into it."
> Perata said, "I think I just heard him say, 'yes,' he's going to do it."
> I will write a letter to all the CA State Senators. The point is not so
> much to win the vote (we expect to do that), but get people warmed up to
> idea. Please write letters to CA State Senators (
> http://www.senate.ca.gov/~newsen/senators/senators.htp )
> I will also write a more personalized detailed letter to Senator Murray.
> asked a couple of good questions that I really didn't have enough time to
> answer satisfactorily. Both were really chain-of-custody issues. The
> one, more specifically, was about the development model (getting source
> included willy-nilly from contributors all over the globe). The other was
> about the possibility of malware being inserted into open source.
> Senator Ross Johnson (a Republican) spoke eloquently IN FAVOR of the
> resolution (I don't think we had a single Republican supporter in the
> Assembly).
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