Re: OVC and political advocacy

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Tue Aug 10 2004 - 15:26:18 CDT

On Aug 10, 2004, at 3:51 PM, Alan Dechert wrote:
> I think part of the problem is that when I post something to the list,
> because I am OVC president, readers may think an official postion of
> the OVC
> is being expressed.

It would probably help for Alan--and to a lesser extent the other board
members (Arthur, Doug)--to add a few words of circumspection when
introducing peripheral topics. E.g. "I've been thinking about
party-affiliation rules in different states ... how do other readers
feel on these issues?" Something that makes it clear that the purpose
is informational (both to convey and to learn), rather than official.

But yeah... it's good for all of us to be well-informed about all
issues surrounding voting.

P.S. Here's a side elections thing I recently learned of: Colorado has
a referendum this year to assign its Electroral College votes on a
proportional basis, rather than winner-takes-all. I think that's
rather a good thing (currently Nebraska and Maine do this, both rather
small states, population-wise). Of course, I think it's democratic in
the abstract... but in the short-term, I'm a bit swayed by how the
electors actually went in the last couple elections :-).
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