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If you'll look at the Data Model I proposed in May, the ballot entity has a data item on each ballot to identify whether or not it is provisional.

Having been an Election Judge in Texas, which has had provisional ballots for some time, I made it a point put that feature in there. By putting this flag in the Data Model, we can specify in the Process Model to check a rules flag of whether or not to count them. In Texas, provisional ballots are valid ballots unless the voter is successfully challenged. With the optical scan ballots, the ID number on the ballot is recorded on the affidavit form and kept in a sealed envelope. If the voter is successfully challenged, the ballot is found via searching by hand through the stored ballots and the appropriate results are adjusted manually. With what I have proposed to OVC, the search can be done electronically in the electronic files and manually in the paper ballots. Not only do we have a solution to provisional ballots, but we can handle them in an IRV environment.

If there's anyone who hasn't worked with Data Models before, I can help you find where these features are specified. I think we're a lot further along than some of us realize.

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Hello All:

Would the OVC EVM aid in the casting of provisional ballots? I could see a routine, when triggered somehow, that marks across the face of the ballot PROVISIONAL and prints out the proper affadavit language for the voter to sign.

I understand that the voter puts their provisional ballot into an envelope. Typically what happense to the envelope after that? Is it placed (envelope and all) into the ballot box? I could see this decreasing the likelihood that these provisional ballots would get 'lost'.

Thanks, Ed Kennedy

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"You talk about testing with real bullets, this is going to be
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